Police chief follows teens through condo, masturbates and takes photos of them in public showers: Cops

Authorities in Florida say a lawman from Alabama was arrested last week on suspicion of lewd conduct in the presence of multiple women and teens.

According to the New York Post, 44-year-old Billy Maurice Driggers was a police chief in Level Plains and traveled to Palm Beach where he allegedly masturbated and otherwise fondled himself as he watched the individuals on the property of Aqua Condominium.

The alleged criminal behavior took place on an elevator at the residence and at other area locations. Reports indicate Driggers was not a guest or resident at the condo building and could not provide a valid reason for his presence.

Following multiple reports of obscene activities including placing his hand in his pants and taking photos of girls in public showers, authorities arrested him on a warrant and booked him into Dade County Jail ahead of extradition to another jurisdiction.

Upon learning of the chief’s arrest, the Level Plains Mayor Bruce Grantham confirmed Driggers was placed on unpaid administrative leave with another officer set to be named interim chief.

He said law enforcement in surrounding communities will pitch in as the small department handles the disruption.

Grantham said the incident “will not affect current police department services to our citizens and Level Plains has the cooperation and support of the Dale County Sheriff’s Office and the Alabama State Troopers during the period.”

[Featured image: Billy Maurice Driggers, Panama City Beach Police]