Couple found with human parts in baby stroller may have killed up to 20 women, used human remains to feed pets while selling off victim’s baby: DA

A couple allegedly found earlier this year pushing a baby carriage full of human parts may have killed 20 people, according to a male suspect’s reported admission during a Thursday hearing in Mexico.

BBC reports that suspect Juan Carlos allegedly announced during a hearing on Thursday morning at the Sergio Garcia Ramirez prison, that he killed at least 20 people and buried their remains in Mexico City. The hearing came after Carlos and a female suspect, identified only as Patricia N., were reportedly found emerging from a home in Ecatepec on October 6, pushing a baby carriage with human parts inside. According to Public Prosecutors Office, the couple sold body parts but it’s unclear why or to whom.

Authorities initially stopped the couple after a Mexico City woman, 28-year-old Nancy Huitron, disappeared along with her infant baby, Valentina. Carlos reportedly admitted to killing Huitron during the hearing and confessed to also killing two other missing women, Evelyn Rojas, 29, and Arlet Olguín, 23. All three women were single mothers who disappeared in 2018.

The suspect also claimed, according to prosecutors, that he sexually assaulted some of the women before killing them and chopping up their body parts to sell. Authorities recently found baby Valentia, who was apparently sold by the suspects. The baby is now in the care of her grandmother.

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Investigators indicated that each of the known victims knew Carlos and Patricia, as they once they bought food and clothes from them. Patricia then reportedly lured the women onto their property with the promise of more merchandise to view.

According to Mexico news outlet, El Universal, authorities have uncovered around 20 buckets filled with human remains, all located within in areas close to the suspects’ home. Investigators are currently trying to determine the identities of more victims.

The Attorney State General indicated that Carlos, who reportedly admitted that he used human remains to make fertilizer and feed his pets, requested a suit and tie before his hearing because he was “not a filthy delinquent.”

Both suspects remain behind bars at the Chiconautla state prison awaiting their next hearing. Prior to their arrest, the suspects lived together with their three children, two girls and an infant son.

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[Feature Photo: Juan Carlos and Patricia N./Police Handout]