[Watch] Man out on probation faces new charges after FB video showing how to remove ankle monitor: Cops

Authorities in Missouri say a man on probation for violation of a restraining order is facing new charges after an ill-advised social media post earlier this year.

According to the New York Post, 33-year-old Dustin Burns allegedly filmed himself removing his ankle monitor, opting to share the footage in a Facebook video.

Police reports allege the Springfield man described his process as he used common tools including a screwdriver and butter knife to remove the device.

A voice in the video said the method avoided leaving detectable damage on the monitor, which would lead to incurring additional legal fees.

“This is how you take an ankle bracelet off … without breaking the circuit,” a voice in the video said, according to the Springfield News Leader.

A video posted to Burns’ Facebook account includes a caption explaining the apparent purpose of the video.

“Today’s lesson how to remove a GPS tracking bracelet with out stopping the circuit…encase anyone was curious,” the post read.

Official reports indicate he was released on probation earlier this year after he pleaded guilty to charges related to a previous restraining order.

The most recent charges related to the Facebook post include a felony count of tampering with electronic monitoring equipment, according to court records.

[Featured image: Dustin Burns, Greene County Sheriffs Office]