Woman stabs friend at haunted house with knife she thought was part of the attraction: Cops

What was supposed to be a night of spooky fun took an all-too-real twist when police say a woman unwittingly stabbed her friend during what she thought was part of the entertainment.

According to Fox News, a foursome of friends entered the Nashville Nightmare haunted house attraction in Tennessee on Friday night when someone approached one of the individuals, who thought it was an actor working in the show.

A Metropolitan Nashville Police Department report indicates the unidentified person asked the attendee if another member of her group was “f***ing around with her.”

In an apparent attempt to be a good sport, the friend said yes, accepting what she thought was a prop knife from the stranger and following instructions to stab her friend.

“As she pulled back, she realized that there was blood on the knife, there was a hole in the victim’s shirt and blood was squirting from the victim’s left arm,” police reported.

After the stabbing, the friend who took the knife said the unknown individual who gave it to her left with the weapon.

The three other friends — including the the male with what officials described as a “severe laceration” on his arm — agreed the fourth attendee did not intend to cause any injury.

A police report included a description of the man believed to have provided the knife. Witnesses said he was thin with a straw hat and his face covered by skull makeup.

WZTV spoke to the woman, Tawnya Greenfield, who accepted the knife. She described the scene after realizing the weapon was real.

“His arm was gushing blood like something out of a horror scene,” she said.

[Featured image: Nashville Nightmare, Instagram]