Little girl not seen in years was reported missing months ago after mother claims ‘she gave her away’: Report

A Cleveland, Ohio, investigative team is questioning why a little girl who hasn’t been seen in years was just reported missing by child welfare workers in September.

The FOX I-TEAM reports that they were alerted to the case of a missing 8-year-old girl, Neveah, in September after a caseworker called 911 to report the child missing. Upon further research, the team determined that the child’s mother told police that she gave her child to a cousin in Florida in 2013.

“Mom did have custody at the time. She’s stating she gave the child to a relative, but there’s a lot of different stories that are coming out,” the caseworker said. “We can’t verify that she gave guardianship to a relative, and nobody has information about this.”

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Court records indicate that county welfare employees told a Cuyahoga County judge about Neveah in May and again in August. Cleveland police officers looked through missing persons files and determined the child’s mother never called in to report her missing.

According to the FOX I-Team, however, the county stated they met with authorities at the mother’s home in May, where issues regarding domestic violence came up, as well as the girl’s disappearance. Neveah’s case file was then reportedly turned over to the Cleveland police chief.

Child welfare workers apparently dealt with the child’s mother for numerous years, and recently took eight kids away from her. Yet, Neveah was nowhere to be found.

A spokesperson for the county reportedly stated they were “working with top administrators for child welfare workers” to find out exactly what happened to the little girl and why her case hasn’t been actively pursued.

A description of the child is currently pending.

The story is developing. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

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[Feature Photo: Pixabay]