Naked man on meth interrupts Mass, jumps in holy water fountain and commits lewd acts: Cops

Authorities in North Dakota believe a 21-year-old naked man was under the influence of methamphetamine when he entered a Catholic church on Tuesday and interrupted a service with a lewd display.

According to the New York Post, Zachary Burdick was arrested after disrupting the Mass at the Spirit of Life Catholic Church in Mandan on Tuesday.

Local law enforcement responded to a call from the location advising that a man stripped out of his clothes and took a dip in the holy water fountain.

Police reports allege Burdick then masturbated as he walked down the aisle in front of horrified parishioners.

The church will reportedly drain the soiled liquid from the fountain and refill it with sanitized water.

Church officials say the suspect had been in the church earlier in the day with a copy of The Book of Mormon, according to a police spokesperson, according to KFYR.

Social media accounts indicate Burdick fashioned himself as a rapper.

Reports did not indicate how many people were in the service during the disruption, nor was it clear whether any children from a preschool on the premises were exposed to the illicit display.

Burdick is expected to face charges including indecent exposure, ingestion of meth, and criminal mischief.

[Featured image: Zachary Burdick, Facebook]