Officer pulls female driver over, gets in her car and rapes her: Cops

Authorities in Maryland say a fellow law enforcement officer raped a woman as part of a traffic stop last week.

According to Fox News, Ryan Macklin was arrested on Monday, four days after stopping the alleged victim.

The Prince George’s County Police Department indicated the suspect has been an officer employed with the agency for the past six years.

Chief Hank Stawinksi released a statement confirming his arrest.

“The charges against this officer are highly troubling,” he said. “Officers take an oath to protect others, not to abuse their authority in order to victimize someone.”

Macklin has been suspended from his position without pay, which includes the removal of all law enforcement powers, pending the outcome of the charges against him.

He is expected to face a number of criminal charges including first-degree rape, second-degree rape, second-degree assault, fourth-degree sex offense, and perverted practice.

As Stawinski explained, investigators believe there might be other victims of similar criminal behavior by the cop.

The investigation is ongoing and the most recent updates available indicate police had not determined why the suspect might have targeted the alleged victim.

“Macklin was on-duty, in uniform, and driving a marked police cruiser at the time,” according to police.

After initiating the traffic stop, he allegedly forced the motorist to “perform a sexual act while they were both seated in her car in a nearby parking lot.”

Police are asking anyone with information about previous misbehavior by Macklin to contact investigators by calling 301-772-4795.

[Featured image: Ryan Macklin, Prince George’s County Police Department]