Lawsuit: Woman ‘humiliated’ and bruised after violent cop barges in while she was in towel, won’t let her get dressed

An Ohio woman is suing a Euclid police officer for harassment following her arrest last year that left her “humiliated” and bruised.

According to WCPO, video of the incident appears to show James Aoki leaving Shajuan Gray’s apartment with the 46-year-old resident in custody and clad only in a towel.

Gray filed a federal lawsuit this week in connection with the March 27, 2017, incident.

She claims she was in the shower when the officer knocked on her door.

“He started shouting he was tired of me, got complaints about me and to turn down my music,” Gray said of the encounter.

According to her account, she turned off the music but Aoki “barged” into her apartment, violently pushed her against her refrigerator, and putting her in cuffs without allowing her to put on clothes.

“I’m telling him then, ‘You’re hurting me. Why are you doing this to me? Please stop,'” Gray said.

Instead, her suit claims the officer led her back to his cruiser and put her in the backseat.

She further claims the officer lied in his testimony related to the incident in an effort to cover up his behavior.

Throughout the incident, Gray said the bath wrap she had been wearing fell down in the front from the officer’s alleged assault and exposed her bare chest in public.

She was ultimately acquitted of charges including resisting arrest and obstructing official business.

[Featured image: video screenshots]