Public school teacher rapes woman, leaves unconscious body in bushes next to fast food restaurant: Cops

Authorities in the Maryland say a public school teacher raped and seriously injured a woman he had been tutoring.

According to WJLA, the victim was found unconscious next to a fast-food restaurant near Westfield Wheaton Mall in Maryland.

A medical examination revealed extensive genital injuries resulting from an apparent sexual assault.

Investigators noted that those injuries required surgery and the woman also had bruising and soreness elsewhere on her body.

She reportedly told police that Rudy Gonzalez, a public school teacher in the nation’s capital, had served her “unidentified beverages” after inviting her back to his home.

Police reports indicate the woman recalled feeling “extremely disoriented” when she woke up naked in the man’s bed the following morning.

The alleged victim said she “had intense pain in her lower belly, vagina, anus and breasts,” recalling that the suspect “stated he washed for her.”

According to authorities, the suspect acknowledged in an interview with detectives that he had sex with the woman and that he was concerned that she “might accuse him of raping her due to her intoxication level.”

The veteran teacher had reportedly agreed to help the woman learn English ahead of her effort to pass the U.S. citizenship test.

He is expected to face criminal charges including second-degree rape, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, and third-degree sex offense.

“Even though my personal behavior is being questioned at this moment, I have been a good member of this society and community,” he said during a court appearance. “I have never had any problems before… I want to face whatever’s coming and to prove whatever is necessary to prove my innocence.”

If convicted on all four counts, he could spend as much as 65 years behind bars.

[Featured image: Rudy Gonzalez, Montgomery County Police Department]