“Put your head down!” 15-year-old boy barges into class and puts handgun to teacher’s head: Cops

Authorities in France are pursuing charges against a 15-year-old student who pulled out a gun and pointed at his teacher’s head last week.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the unidentified boy yelled out demands as he staged what police said appeared to be an execution attempt.

“Put your head down!” he shouted at the teacher on Thursday morning.

The incident reportedly occurred at a school in Creteil.

Among his alleged instructions is that the woman mark him as present on her attendance list.

The teacher was reportedly alone in the room when the suspect and other students barged in and produced the firearm. She can be seen calmly reacting to the situation and complying with the armed teen’s commands.

After the incident, the unidentified teacher reportedly informed authorities. The suspect surrendered to police a short time later and has reportedly claimed the entire stunt was a “joke.”

French President Emmanuel Macron, however, wants law enforcement to treat the situation seriously.

He instructed the Interior Ministry to “take all measures to ensure that what happened is punished, and that this type of behavior is permanently banned from schools.”

The teen could face up to five years behind bars if convicted of making violent threats with a weapon, regardless of whether the gun he used actually was a replica.

Though RT reports that French media identified the gun as an “airsoft type” hobby gun, many critics of the government noted the teacher’s calm manner would suggest this type of intimidation is not uncommon in the nation’s schools.

[Featured image: video screenshot]