[WATCH] Dozens of students injured when floor collapses during homecoming week party

Authorities in South Carolina confirmed that about 30 people were injured when a floor at a Clemson University apartment building collapsed early Sunday morning.

According to ABC News, attendees of the college party at The Woodlands of Clemson were dancing at a clubhouse shortly after midnight. The floor below them gave way and dozens tumbled to the basement below.

Those injured were transported to three hospitals in the area.

One witness who was celebrating homecoming week football victory at the party could tell something was wrong just before the incident.

“By the time I had put one foot out the door, I felt that something was weird and that’s when everyone just collapsed and the guy behind me disappeared,” said Raven Guerra. “Everyone was one the floor and people were screaming and there was wood sticking up from the floorboards.”

A statement from officials indicate the scene had been cleared and no one involved remained trapped inside the building.

Clemson University acknowledged the incident in a statement on Sunday.

“We’re continuing to gather information, and are encouraged by the initial reports of no life-threatening injuries,” the statement read.

According to the university, professionals will be on campus to offer counseling and other support to students as needed.

As of the latest updates available, police say an investigation into the collapse remains ongoing.

[Featured image: video screenshots]