35-year-old ‘Piggyback Bandit’ jumped on back of high school football player, left note saying he should ‘use his rear end: Police

A 35-year-old man dubbed the “Piggyback Bandit” following a string of bizarre nationwide incidents involving high school athletes over the last decade has been arrested in Alabama.

Police on Monday charged Sherwin Shayegan of Seattle with harassment after he allegedly made inappropriate contact with a Falkville High School student following a recent pep rally, WHNT reported.

Falkville High School Resources Officer Seth Sullivan told the news station that following the pep rally, the football team was preparing to eat a meal when Shayegan jumped on one of the player’s backs. He then handed the player a note inside an envelope and instructed him to read it after the game.

When the player later opened the envelope he reportedly found $20 inside and the note that contained several inappropriate comments including, “You look good in those shorts that you’re wearing,” and that he “should use his rear end for more than just pooping and farting,” Falkville Police Chief Chris Free told WZDX.

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Shayegan also reportedly caused disturbances at several Huntsville, Alabama, restaurants in the last week, the station reported.

He recently traveled from Seattle to Atlanta, where he learned about the Falkville High School pep rally.

The Associated Press reports that Shayegan has been banned in at least five states for similar piggy back incidents. He also at times has allegedly dressed in athletic uniforms to approach players.

Officials say he may suffer from Asberger’s Syndrome, but don’t believe that condition contributes to his actions, according to WZDX.

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