Suspect creeps through unlocked door to sexually assault unsuspecting woman, but teen son saves her in nick of time: Police

A Texas man is behind bars after he allegedly broke into a home on Thursday and jumped on top of an unsuspecting woman. The woman’s teen son came her to rescue and saved her, according to police.

The Waco Tribune reports that police were called to a home off of the 100 block of North McLendon Drive in Robinson, at around 11:30 p.m. Thursday night, on a report that a man had attempted to break into a home. Two teens, who were standing outside and “visibly upset” when the officers arrived to the residence, said the man entered the house through a window in their mother’s bedroom, then jumped on top of her. The woman’s son, a 15-year-old boy,  apparently ran into the room and restrained the man while his siblings contacted the police.

Officers found the teen still inside the home where he continued to subdue the man until police took over. KWKT reports that the teen’s arm was wrapped around the man’s neck.

The suspect, identified as John Wayne Morris, 37, was subsequently arrested. According to Robinson Police Chief Phillip Prasifka, the suspect allegedly told the woman he had someone watching her kids, then threatened to have the children killed if she didn’t comply. She reportedly woke up to Morris straddling her and pushing on her shoulders.

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“She said that Morris threatened her by telling her that he had someone watching her children and that they would kill them,” Prasifka said. “(The woman) stated that she was afraid to fight back because she was afraid that her children would be harmed.”

The suspect lives in the area but reportedly doesn’t have any other connection with the family. He’s facing a “burglary of a habitation with intent to commit sexual assault” felony charge and remains behind bars.

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[Feature Photo: John Wayne Morris/Police Handout]