Tuesday Crime Stories: Ex-NFL star Rae Carruth free 18 years after conspiring in pregnant girlfriend’s murder

Two-thousand volunteers are searching the Wisconsin neighborhood around where Jayme Closs was last known to be and where her parents were shot to death eight days ago. Barron County Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald says Jayme was in the home when her parents were murdered and he hopes the massive search will find clues about what happened to the missing 13-year-old.

Nancy Grace updates the investigation with New Jersey criminal defense lawyer Jason Oshins, private investigator Vincent Hill — author of “Playbook to a Murder,” a book about the killing of NFL star Steve McNair, New York psychologist Caryn Stark, and Crime Stories producer Alan Duke.

BREAKING: Two vehicles of interest identified in disappearance of missing, endangered girl Jayme Closs

Grace also looks at the release from prison of former NFL star Ray Carruth — a free man after serving 18 years for conspiring to murder his pregnant girlfriend.

Rae Carruth: Former NFL player who set up murder hit on the mother of his son is released from prison

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[Feature Photo: Rae Carruth/Sampson Correctional Institute; Cherica Adams/Handout]