Loved ones remember doting dad devoted to new grandson; Among 11 killed in Pittsburgh synagogue massacre

One of the 11 congregants fatally shot at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Saturday morning was a retried family man devoted to “the love of his life” — a 1-year-old grandson named Henri.

According to the New York Post, Steven Halle, the nephew of 71-year-old Daniel Stein, described a void he said will be left in the family and among those who knew him.

He also left behind two children and a wife, Sharyn, with whom he spent retirement traveling and pitching in as a substitute teacher or in some other neighborhood capacity when needed.

His son, Joe, posted a Facebook image showing Henri in his smiling grandfather’s arms.

“In the picture below he was having a great day doing two things he loved very much,” the caption read. “He had just finished coming from synagogue, which he loved, and then got to play with his grandson which he loved even more!”

“It’s going to be sad to have this child grow up without his grandfather,” Steven Halle said.

The victim’s son remembered Stein as “a simple man” who “did not require much.”

Halle added that he “was the type of guy that would do anything for anybody,” adding that he will be “sorely missed” by those who knew him.

Stein’s son noted in his Facebook post that the lives in his family “are going to have to take a different path, one that we thought would not happen for a long time.”

[Featured image: Facebook]