Crazy nanny took infant boy with her to torch ex’s car: Police

Authorities have arrested a 31-year-old woman last week on suspicion of taking a young child with her as she attempted to destroy an ex’s vehicle earlier this month.

According to the New York Post, the parents of that 1-year-old boy are using the experience as a warning to other parents to do their homework before trusting any nanny or babysitting service.

Bethany Carlson said she “will never use a service like”, which is where she said she found Leslie Rosario to babysit her son several times a week.

While young Frankie was in her care, Rosario is accused of taking the boy with her to New Jersey on Oct. 5, at which time she attempted to set a man’s car on fire outside of a Sheraton Hotel about 30 miles away.

She allegedly left the child in the hotel lobby while she attempted the act.

“I’m sick to my stomach,” Carlson said, adding that she is “furious that they don’t take responsibility for who’s one their site.”

Acknowledging that the situation could have been much worse, both Carlson and her husband, Frank Jakoubek, regret using the $35-per-month service to find a sitter last month.

While listed her as “verified” with references about her service, Carlson said she had a “gut feeling” and noted Rosario routinely showed up late for shifts.

Not only did she allegedly force the boy to be an unwitting party to a criminal act, the mother said Rosario ignored clear instructions that she not put Frankie in a car.

In addition to endangering the welfare of a child, she is expected to face criminal charges including third-degree arson.

[Featured image: Leslie Rosario, Mahwah Police Department]