BREAKING: Court orders release of 911 call made by young woman connected to the Long Island Serial Killer case

A New York judge ordered the release of the 911 call made by a young woman found dead near the location of a burial ground believed to be connected to the Long Island Serial Killer.

The law offices of Ray, Mitev & Associates, LLP announced in a press release Thursday morning that Suffolk County Acting Supreme Court Justice Sanford Neil Berland ordered the Suffolk County Police Department to release all recordings connected to a 911 call made by Shannan Gilbert in the early hours of May 1, 2010, in which she reportedly said, ““they’re trying to kill me.”

Gilbert made the 911 call from the home of Joseph Brewer in Oak Beach on Long Island. The 24-year-old woman was working as a Craigslist escort, and had visited Brewer as a client for the first time that morning. Shortly after Gilbert placed the 911 call, she reportedly ran from his home and knocked on neighbors’ doors begging for help, before vanishing. She was nowhere to be seen by the time police arrived. Her remains were discovered in December 2011 in a marsh adjacent to the quiet Oak Beach neighborhood, just a few miles from where police discovered the remains of four escorts along Ocean Parkway in December 2010.

The SCPD for years has resisted the release of the 911 tapes despite multiple law enforcement sources insisting that Gilbert was not a victim of the Long Island Serial Killer, and died of natural causes.

In the court order cited by the press release, Justice Berland reportedly wrote that the SCPD “fail(ed) to provide even the slightest intimation of how or why affording plaintiffs access to the 911 calls made by Shannan and others over a brief, three-day period would compromise any aspect of their protracted investigation.”

The police department has 20 days from the date of the October 30 order to provide the recordings to Attorney John Ray, who is representing the estate of Shannan Gilbert.

This is a developing story. CrimeOnline will provide further updates when more information is available.