Man dies as a result of his father shaking him as an infant 20 years ago: Cops

Authorities in Missouri say a man who was previously sentenced to 13 years in prison for violently shaking his infant son in 1998 could face new charges after 20-year-old Dominick J. Pittsenbarger’s death earlier this year.

According to the New York Post, 39-year-old Olin Shane Tannery was released from prison in 2007 after his conviction on criminal counts including attempted first-degree assault.

Though Pittsenbarger survived the initial incident and went on to live with his adoptive father, a Clay County grand jury determined that there was sufficient evidence to try Tannery for second-degree murder after linking the 1998 assault to the young man’s death in April.

Upon his admission to the hospital as an infant, medical personnel initially did not expect him to survive extensive injuries including head wounds, fractured ribs and vertebra, and subdural bleeding.

Tannery faced trial as a result with prosecutors arguing that he grew frustrated with his crying baby and threw the infant to the ground, squeezed him and shook him.

Wendell H. Pittsenbarger went on to adopt the child, who suffered his entire life from brain damage related to the attack.

“I love that boy and still miss him dearly,” the adoptive father said. “I think about him all of the time.”

The victim’s birth father is set to appear in court later this week, according to the Kansas City Star.

As of the latest reports available, he remained behind bars with bond set at $500,000.

[Featured image: Olin Shane Tannery, Clay County Sheriff’s Office]