Update: Mom of little girl killed by pet dog tried to slit pup’s throat & knock him out but his clenched jaws on baby’s neck didn’t budge [Police]

New details emerged in connection with a North Carolina baby who died after her family’s pit bull mix attacked her. Authorities released the 911 call made by the little girl’s mother, who apparently tried slit the dog’s neck and hit him over the head while trying to get him release her daughter at their Rocky Mount home.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, 1-year-old Triniti Harrell died on Monday after an October 23 attack by her family’s dog, reportedly named “Kilo,” that left her in critical condition and fighting for her life for days. When the incident occurred, Triniti’s mother, Miranda Harrell, spent nine minutes on a call with a 911 operator, pleading for help.

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Miranda: “Hurry, she’s dying. Please hurry.”

911 Dispatcher: “Can you get a hold of anything to try to get the dog off her? Can you try to get something to separate them? I’ve got everybody I can get en route to you.”

Miranda apparently located a heavy object and began hitting the dog but it didn’t stop him from attacking the little girl.

911 Dispatcher: “Hit him with it. Hit him right in the center of the top of his head. If you hit him hard enough, you’ll knock him out.”

Miranda: “I’m hitting as hard as I can. Help me!” 

911 Dispatcher: “Can you run in the house and grab a steak knife or something? If you will run in the house and get a knife, I will tell you how to get him off her.”

Miranda told the dispatcher she didn’t want to leave her child alone with the dog and continued to scream at him, but the dispatcher insisted that she needed to get something sharp. Miranda grabbed a knife and began stabbing the dog but said she couldn’t even break the skin, DogsBite.Org reports.

911 Dispatcher: “‘Cut him on the bottom of his neck. It’s going to release his jaw muscles….He won’t have a choice but to let go. I need you to do anything you can do with that to make that dog let go. The dog’s life is not a concern to me at this point.”

Afterward, the call dropped. Police arrived shortly and shot Kilo twice. The dog let go of the baby as authorities took quick measures to get her to a hospital. The little girl held on for a week before she died. Triniti passed away at the UNC Children’s Hospital in Chapel Hill.

The dog also passed away from the gunshot wounds.

According to E.W. Muse, the detective lieutenant at the Criminal Investigations Division at Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office, no charges are expected to be filed in incident, the Rocky Mount Telegram reports.

“There are still no charges expected in this tragic accident,” Muse said. “We ask for continued prayers for her family and the first responders who were involved.”

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[Feature photo: Triniti Harrell, pit bull dog/Family Handout, Facebook]