Dad slaps Little League player he believes is responsible for tackling his son: Cops

Authorities in Alabama say a man slapped a young football player after a tackle involving the suspect’s son at a recent Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Authority Little League football game.

According to, Tuscaloosa law enforcement released a statement confirming the incident and arrest of 43-year-old Marcus Dempsey at the game.

Dempsey’s son was reportedly injured during a play, which police say prompted him to approach a player on the other team.

Through a preliminary statement from his attorney, he predicted that evidence would exonerate him.

“Dr. Marcus Dempsey has been involved in youth sports for years in this community and he vehemently denies these allegations,” Jay Stuck wrote on behalf of his client. “We eagerly await his day in court to address these allegations as laid out by the Tuscaloosa Police Department.”

The suspect, identified by WVUA as a Tuscaloosa dentist, allegedly walked from his position near the action — where he had been serving as a member of the chain crew — and onto the field at Sokol Park.

Police say Dempsey slapped the young player hard enough to make the child lose his balance and initiate what are expected to be criminal harassment charges.

As of the latest reports available, he had been released after posting $300 bond.

Stuck cited widespread news coverage of the incident in expressing confidence that Dempsey will be found innocent of the claims against him.

“As his attorney, I would hope the media will report that determination with the same zeal and speed in which they have reported this current matter,” he wrote.

[Featured image: Marcus Dempsey, Tuscaloosa Police Department]