Update: 10-year-old girl charged as adult after reportedly stomping baby to death at daycare center was a foster care child living with daycare owners [Report]

A little girl who’s currently charged as an adult for allegedly killing a baby in a Wisconsin daycare was apparently a foster child who lived with the family who owns the daycare where the infant was killed.

Star Tribune reports that the 10-year-old appeared at the Chippewa County Circuit Court Monday for a bond hearing, after she reportedly killed a 6-month-old baby in a Wheaton-area licensed daycare at 12096 102nd Ave. The little girl’s mom consoled and hugged her as she cried during the hearing, but according to the outlet, the girl had been placed as a foster child with the daycare owners when the alleged incident took place.

Although it’s unclear why, authorities reportedly removed the girl from her biological parents’ home in September.

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As CrimeOnline previously reported, Chippewa County Sheriff Jim Kowalczyk said that police received a 911 call on October 30 concerning a baby at a daycare in Wheaton, who was bleeding from the head. The caller said the infant was unresponsive.

Authorities arrived to the daycare, then rushed the baby to St. Joseph’s Hospital. His condition was so severe that he was later flown to St. Paul Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

A physician contacted authorities after baby was admitted to the hospital and said that infant’s injuries not likely an accident.

“Later that afternoon the sheriff’s department received a call from medical personnel, a doctor, attending this youth and indicated that his belief was that the injuries sustained by the six-month boy was not an accident,” Kowalczyk said, according to NBC6.

Prosecutors alleged that she was carrying the infant but dropped him and “panicked.” Afterward, she stomped on his head with her feet, according to ABC13 News.

“She stated she was holding the child and that’s when she dropped the child,” District Attorney Wade Newell said. “The child hit its head on the footstool and then the child started crying and she panicked and didn’t know what to do and didn’t want to get into trouble and then she proceeded to stomp on the 6 month-old’s head.”

Authorities interviewed daycare provider Amber Sweeney, who said she put the baby down for a nap at around 3 p.m. that afternoon. She then reportedly said the 10-year-old and two 6-year-olds who attend the daycare, arrived from school and played outside while the infant slept.

Sweeney admitted that the children, which also included two 2-year-olds, were in and out of the house for “short periods” while the baby slept. She also said the 10-year-old was spotted sitting by herself close to a bay window in the kitchen on the day in question.

Although the little girl appeared in adult court, Kowalczyk said there is a possibility the judge will move her case to juvenile court, but the decision has not been made. The little girl cried throughout most of the hearing while an adult female hugged and consoled her.

Meanwhile, the girl remains behind bars on a $50,000 bond.

The story continues to develop. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

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