Man tells cops he killed and dismembered roommate he believed could be ‘the next mass killer’: Investigators

Authorities in Florida say a 52-year-old man is facing multiple criminal charges a month after his roommate’s body was found by hunters in a wildlife park.

According to Fox News, Paul Stephen Darmetko, 42, was reported missing days after his remains were discovered on October 7.

His mother reportedly contacted authorities when Eric Dacosta said he had not heard from his roommate in about a week. The two had been living together for about five months at the time of Darmetko’s disappearance.

Police reports indicate Dacosta initially approached law enforcement with what he said was information about the missing person. He ultimately surrendered to authorities on October 20.

He reportedly told police that he fatally shot Darmetko in the back of the head before going through the process of dismembering and discarding his remains because he was afraid his roommate was capable of violence.

According to an arrest report, Dacosta claimed Darmetko’s behavior had grown erratic as the result of a mental disorder that had not been properly diagnosed.

The suspect described death threats he says his roommate made against relatives and Dacosta himself.

After one such alleged threat of violence, he reportedly told police that he shot Darmetko, wrapped his head in plastic and cut his body apart in a bathtub to “make him smaller” and easier to dispose of in a familiar hunting spot, as the Sun Sentinel reported.

While he claimed the alleged victim was “possibly be the next mass killer that we hear about in the media,” Dacosta reportedly told investigators that his life was not in immediate danger when he fired the fatal shot.

He further acknowledged that he could have left the home during that encounter.

Dacosta is expected to face charges including premeditated murder and abuse of a corpse.

[Featured image: Eric Dacosta, Broward County Sheriff’s Office]