WATCH: 11-year-old boy steals car a THIRD time, leads police on high-speed chase after mom took away his Playstation [Police]

An 11-year-old boy stole his mother’s vehicle on Monday after his mother reportedly took his Playstation away from him. Police say the incident marks the third time the boy took a car without permission.

FOX8 reports the young boy took his mother’s SUV from their Brooklyn, Ohio, residence and sped through streets and moved into opposing traffic while driving up to 87 mph. With officers in pursuit, the boy spread through numerous streets, but eventually crashed the vehicle into a parked car in Cleveland. The impact caused the parked car to flip over.

The boy’s father called police at around 11 p.m. and told them his son had taken his mother’s SUV. Authorities turned their cruiser lights off once learning the suspect’s age. When they caught up to the boy and questioned him, he reportedly said the only reason he crashed is because he wasn’t paying attention. He also allegedly admitted that he took his mother’s SUV after she took his Playstation console away from him.

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The boy, who sustained minor injuries during the wreck, is now facing felony charges at juvenile court.

The incident reportedly marks the third time the child has taken a car without permission. In October, the boy’s father, Christopher Hampton, told FOX8 he was in disbelief when he learned his son took a car for the second time in a week.

“This is the second time in a week. He took his mother’s boyfriend car last week and so I told her to let him live with me for a week and the first day with me and he steals my car.”

When police caught up with the boy in October and pulled him over, he allegedly became combative and started kicking and spitting on the officers. No one was injured in the incident. Earlier in the same week, the child allegedly stole his mother’s car and sped down the interstate at 90MPH because “he was bored.”

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[Feature Photo: Screenshot/Fox8]