Thursday Crime Stories: 28 y.o. tattooed ex-marine drives mom’s car to Borderline Bar opens fire, murders 12

The man who killed 12 people in a southern California bar has been identified as a former U.S. marine who deputies previously suspected was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) when they visited his home in April.

Ventura County Sheriff Geof Dean says Ian David Long, 28, stormed into the Borderline Bar and Grille in Thousand Oaks with a Glock pistol and smoke grenades. He fatally wounded 11 people inside the club and a Ventura County sheriff’s sergeant who rushed in to stop the attack.

Nancy Grace looks at the mass attack with Los Angeles defense lawyer Troy Slaten, forensics expert Karen Smith, New York psychologist Caryn Stark, former federal prosecutor Francey Hakes, CSI Sheryl McCollum, and reporter Alan Duke.

‘Hero’ officer killed in Thousand Oaks mass shooting at country music venue was 29-year-veteran set to retire

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[Feature Photo: Ventura County Police]