‘I’m going to sue you all’: Towel-clad man at mall rants about PCP as cops find drugs, gun in his vehicle

Authorities in Ohio released body camera footage of an unusual exchange with an unclothed subject this week.

According to WJW, authorities responded to the Biddulph Plaza Center in Brooklyn where they encountered Wilbur Rosado, clad at the time in only a towel.

From there, video shows the suspect and police engage in a bizarre exchange involving Rosado initially denying he knew why he was naked before referencing narcotics use as an apparent excuse for his behavior.

It’s the PCP,” the man said, leading officers to ask is he was under the influence of the drug.

“Not no more,” he said.

As police began to search his vehicle, the reportedly find cocaine and a firearm. The suspect can be heard threatening officers in an attempt to halt the search.

“Stop searching the car or I’m going to sue you all,” he said.

In a subsequent statement to reporters, police defended the search as a review of the vehicle’s contents to create a record prior to having it towed.

“You searched my car,” the man told police. “I told you not to!”

When he instructed officers to replace the items they removed from his car, one cop asked if Rosado wanted him to “put the gun and drugs back too.”

The man appears to respond that the cocaine was for his “personal use.”

Reports indicate a grand jury found sufficient cause to proceed with charges related to possession of the drugs and gun.

The most recent updates available indicate Rosado remained behind bars.

[Featured image: video screenshot]