Babysitter delays calling 911 after baby gets mauled to death by dog who had previously bitten owner: Report

A Florida DCF report, recently released in regards to a fatal dog mauling that killed a 7-month-old foster baby, indicates that a babysitter delayed in calling 911 after the vicious attack.

NBC8 reports that infant Khloe Williams died on October 5 while in the care of her 72-year-old babysitter, Pamela Maser, in Tallahassee. Maser reportedly placed Khloe in a carseat and while the baby cried, the babysitter tried to take the family dog out of a crate while making a bottle. The barking dog broke loose, dashed toward Khloe, and attacked her.

Maser told authorities she tried prying the dog’s mouth from the baby. Once she managed to pull the dog away, she put the pup outside and called her son, according to the report. Maser’s son, a Clearwater Police Detective, who was also Khloe’s foster father, didn’t answer the call. Maser then called her husband and asked him to come home and help.

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Maser then took the bloodied and crying baby to the bathroom to wash her face off. Around the same time, Maser’s son returned her call. Once she explained what happened, he told Maser to hang up and call 911 immediately.

By the time paramedics arrived, Khloe had stopped crying and fell unconscious. They rushed her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

The report stated that although it was deemed appropriate for the foster parents to leave the baby with Maser, the delayed 911 call was noted.

“Based on prudent parenting, the decision to leave Khloe with Pamela Maser, as a babysitter, was appropriate,” the report read.

The dog, which was adopted earlier this year by the Maser family, passed an aggression test prior to adoption. However, Clearwater Police Chief Dan Slaughter said in October that the dog didn’t simply bite the baby, but spontaneously attacked her so severely that it left injuries all over her body.

“This was not a simple bite. This was an attack and the dog did serious traumatic injuries to Khloe,” Slaughter said.

According to DogBites.Org, the dog has previously bitten someone in the Maser family months earlier when they first met the pup. Further, the outlet stated that the aggression test carried about by the Pinellas County Animal Services was “brief.”

“Dog nipped other citizen (husband of first citizen) while jumping for attention,” the animal services report stated. “Citizen stated that the dog was hyper and they were able to leash and put back in kennel.”

The dog, named “Lynnie” by the Pinellas County Animal Services, was listed as a “Retriever/Hound” mix when the Maser family adopted her. Yet, DogBites.Org stated the dog was identified as a pit bull mix when picked up as a stray. The animal services picked Lynnie up in February when someone called “about a brown female pit bull that has been running loose for a few days.”

Several days after the mauling incident, the Maser family turned the dog over to animals services. She was later euthanized.

[Photo: Pinellas County Animal Services]
Prosecutors are currently reviewing the police investigation and records into the matter. They’ll decide whether Maser, the baby’s foster parents or anyone else involved should be criminally charged.

The story continues to develop. Check back with CrimeOnline as additional details become available.

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[Feature Photo: Khloe Williams/Handout]