Woman lives with 130 dogs in ‘deplorable and inhumane’ conditions, 44 others found dead in freezers: Cops

A New Jersey woman was arrested on suspicion of keeping about 130 animals in inhumane conditions at a property in the Shamong Township.

According to Fox News, dozens of dead dogs were also found at the scene when authorities arrived Tuesday.

State police posted a social media update confirming the arrest and providing some details about the Donna Roberts’ alleged behavior.

Upon inspecting the residence, investigators say they found “evidence of animal cruelty inflicted upon various breeds of dogs on the property.”

Related odors identified as “animal feces and ammonia” were so thick inside the home that several of the emergency personnel on the scene complained of “dizziness and nausea.”

Detectives reportedly found 44 dead dogs “packaged in plastic bags and stored in freezers” all over the home.

The cause of their deaths remains under investigation, according to Col. Patrick Callahan, who noted that “the deplorable and inhumane living conditions the rescued dogs were forced to endure is tragic.”

According to Burlington County Prosecutor Scott Coffina, the office is “appalled by the horrendous conditions” in which the animals were found living.

“It was determined that four of the dogs were in critical condition and had to be transported to an emergency veterinary clinic,” the state police agency reported. “The remaining dogs were evaluated and treated at the scene by animal shelter workers.”

Roberts is expected to face charges including animal cruelty.

As of the latest updates available, she had been released from jail ahead of her next scheduled court appearance.

[Featured image: Donna Roberts, New Jersey State Police]