[Video] Armed intruders break into home, smash possessions and terrorize residents with meat cleaver: Police

Surveillance footage from inside a home in Littlestown Borough, Pennsylvania, captured a frightening home invasion, as authorities reported this week.

According to Fox News, a man and woman entered the residence on Monday and began attacking possessions inside.

At one point, the male suspect armed with a meat cleaver hit resident Aric Maczis.

“He asked for money or something and then I saw he had the meat cleaver so I jumped up to defend my family,” he told WPMT.

Adams County Crime Stoppers shared video of the suspects in a Facebook post calling on the public to help identify the man and woman.

The agency also posted an image of the suspects’ apparent getaway car.

According to Maczis, his wife, Joey, was targeted for death by the male intruder. The woman was able to run from the home and call for help, however, after the male told his female accomplice to kill her.

She told reporters that she “jumped over the table to run for help because it felt like we were going to die,” adding that she believed her husband would not survive the encounter.

Aric Maczis said the intruders were “busting TVs, fish tanks, our curio cabinet,” adding that he is concerned about sleeping in the home since the individuals know where he lives and have not been apprehended.

Local authorities are asking anyone with information relevant to the investigation to contact Adams County Crime Stoppers by calling 717-334-8057 or by leaving a tip online. A reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

Individuals can also contact the Littlestown Borough Police Department by calling 717-359-4511.

[Featured image: Adams County Crime Stoppers]