[Watch] Airline passenger unleashes on profane, racist rant when flight attendant won’t give her more wine

Passengers aboard a recent Air India flight to London witnessed a shocking display by a fellow traveler when a flight attendant refused her request for a glass of wine, as video of the incident shows.

According to the New York Post, the incident occurred on Saturday and video began to circulate a few days later.

The unidentified passenger claimed to be a lawyer and was apparently already intoxicated when she unleashed on the airline employee.

“You treat business class passengers like that?” she asked. “I work for all you f***ing people.”

She went on to identify as “an international criminal lawyer” who works on behalf of “the f***ing Rohingyas, the f***ing people of all Asia, for you.”

The woman said she does not “get any money” for her legal services.

“But you won’t give me a f***ing glass of wine,” she added.

From there, the profane tirade became even more graphic as she threatened to turn the woman “f***ing inside out,” calling her a “f***ing stupid c***.”

Another passenger later claimed the woman drank “a few glasses of wine” before leaving to use the restroom to smoke.

“She came back to her seat and gulped down some more bottles of wine and asked for more when the flight attendant refused her demands,” she said.

When the plane landed at the destination, a local police source said the woman was “arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated public order, common assault and drunk and disorderly and taken to a West London police station.”

As of the latest updates available, she had been released pending the completion of a criminal investigation.

[Featured image: video screenshot]