Woman survives Thousand Oaks bar massacre, loses house to wildfire the next day: ‘I’m trying to stay strong’

A California woman who survived the massacre at a Thousand Oaks bar earlier this month lost her home to the raging fires in her state just one day later.

Deseriee Edman spoke to CBS Los Angeles about the ordeal she and her loved ones have been through in recent days.

“I’m trying to stay strong as possible for my family and my friends,” she said. “And I’m trying to look at everything as positive as I can in these types of situations.”

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On Nov. 8, the day after she was at the Borderline Bar and Grill when a gunman opened fire killed 12 people, she learned fast-moving fires threatened her family’s Malibu home.

Her mother, Carmen Edman, said she has been “in panic mode” since learning that the residence was in jeopardy.

Though the family home was destroyed, the Edmans are counting their blessings — particularly the fact that they are all safe.

Deseriee said she experienced “two near-death experiences that you just don’t expect” and is thankful to have survived both.

Her mother and her sister, Destiny, agreed.

Carmen lamented that “12 people didn’t go home” from the Thousand Oaks shooting.

“The fact is we made it out alive and my sister survived and we’re here,” Destiny said.

The family is especially grateful for Ventura County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ron Helus, who sacrificed his own life to save others during the shooting spree.

They were among those paying respects to the fallen officer during a funeral procession earlier this month.

[Featured image: Deseriee Edman, video screenshot]