Woman allegedly kills and butchers boyfriend, serves with rice to unknowing guests

Authorities in Northern Africa say they are investigating a disturbing allegation that a woman murdered her boyfriend and served his remains as a meal to guests at her home.

According to the Daily Beast, the suspect is accused of killing the man and butchering his body before preparing it into a regional meal called machboos.

Authorities believe the murder occurred about three months ago but evidence was only recently uncovered and reported to investigators.

The National, a newspaper based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, indicates that the alleged victim’s suspicious brother sounded alarms after he went to the home in search of the missing man.

He reportedly found a tooth in the suspect’s blender and contacted authorities.

DNA testing on the contents of the blender reportedly indicated they were the remains of the missing man.

Gulf News reports that the sibling filed a missing person’s report regarding the man in January.

According to multiple outlets, prosecutors in the United Arab Emirates accuse the unidentified woman of preparing the meat and rice dish to serve for workers from Pakistan.

Those who allegedly ate the concoction were unaware of its criminal contents, according to law enforcement.

The suspect and alleged victim had been dating for about seven years at the time of the suspected death, authorities believe.

Police say they think the violent act came after the man told the woman that he planned to leave her for another woman.

The suspect allegedly confessed to using the blender to chop up the man’s body parts. She is expected to face a range of criminal charges.

[Featured image: Pixabay]