38-year-old man strangles newborn baby after getting 15-year-old girl pregnant: Cops

A Pennsylvania man is facing criminal charges for allegedly impregnating a teen girl and brutally killing the child born last year.

According to ABC News, Lawrence County law enforcement officers arrested 38-year-old Christopher Lee Kennedy on Wednesday on suspicion of multiple counts.

The victim’s mother reportedly told police she killed the baby shortly after the body was recovered inside a safe.

She allegedly changed her story upon further questioning, telling investigators that the child’s father strangled the newborn.

After the unidentified teen gave birth in October 2017, police believe the suspect strangled the child to death and stuffed it in a bag, which he later locked inside the safe.

Police became aware of the baby’s death after the teen mother sought treatment at an area hospital for serious complications that resulted from the pregnancy and birth.

The teen allegedly told detectives that Kennedy had repeatedly discussed aborting the pregnancy.

Police reports indicate the suspect further came to an agreement with the teen that if she suffered a miscarriage she would claim he was not the father.

Kennedy allegedly researched and presented the girl with ideas for terminating the pregnancy.

She told police that she had ingested vitamins and herbs believed to cause miscarriages.

Upon admission to the hospital, reports indicate she spent eight months under medical care and underwent 35 surgeries, as reported by WTAE.

The suspect has been identified as a father of eight, including the deceased newborn. Two others also died within the first weeks of life, but it is unclear from available reports whether those deaths are being treated as suspicious.

[Featured image: Christopher Lee Kennedy, police handout]