[Video] Employees grab swords to defend jewelry shop against armed robbers

According to Canadian authorities, three employees at an Ontario jewelry shop were prepared for an armed robbery attempt earlier this week.

As the New York Post, reported, surveillance footage from a camera at Ashok Jewelers captured four individuals arrive at the retailer in an SUV.

Upon parking and exiting the vehicle, police say the would-be robbers bashed an exterior window to gain entry.

Allegedly armed with at least a gun and sledgehammer, the men soon encountered three staff members wielding swords.

One of the employees, Arjun Kumar, described the incident.

“When we saw them coming in, that’s when we really took action and we rushed them,” he said.

Alleging that one of the intruders had a gun, he said he was willing to risk being shot to defend the store his father owns.

It just so happened that swords given as gifts from a family friend were inside the store at the time.

“It was good luck for us,” Kumar said.

Police agreed. Constable Danny Marttini said that it “could have easily turned into a completely different situation.”

Investigators are hoping tips from the public will help them nab the suspects, as reported by CBC.

Authorities have described two of the men as having a medium build, standing between 5-foot-8 and 5-foot-10. Both were wearing blue jump suits and dark colored hats, shoes, hoodies, and backpacks.

Another suspect is heavier and about an inch taller, wearing a dark hooded jacket, jeans, white gloves and black shoes. He is believed to have been armed a handgun.

A final suspect reportedly had a slim build and wore black pants, light colored gloves and a thick jacket.

[Featured image: video screenshot]