Police are searching for group of people who attacked pregnant woman having contractions at mall parking lot [Video]

A Virginia woman and her boyfriend are hoping a video taken by bystander will help police find a find a group of people, possibly teens, who jumped them in a mall parking lot on Thanksgiving.

CBS6 reports that Rosalinda Cunningham and her boyfriend Vincent Pace were in the Guitar Center parking lot at the Spotsylvania Towne Center mall in Spotsylvania when a group of people started banging on their car window. Cunningham, who’s nine months pregnant, said she began having contractions while shopping at the mall and as they got into their vehicle to leave, the group surrounded their car.

“They literally just stood in front of the car — started banging on the car — kicking the car telling him to get out of the vehicle,” Cunningham explained.

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Pace added that when the group tried to physically drag his girlfriend out of the car, he got out of the vehicle to protect her. Cunningham got out herself after the group began attacking her boyfriend. Pace said a woman then started punching Cunningham in the back, but he initially thought Cunningham may have gotten hit in her stomach.

“My heart dropped — because I thought it was her stomach. My heart dropped. And I lost it.”

The pair eventually broke free and made their way to the hospital. Although they eventually learned the baby was fine, panic set in when it reportedly took over two hours before they could hear the heartbeat.

“When we got to the hospital that night it took us two and a half hours to find a heartbeat — which kind of messed me up because this is my first child, too,” Pace said.

The couple reported the incident to the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office but so far, the suspects have not been identified. They’re hoping the video taken with a cellphone by a bystander will lead to arrests.

“I want them to get charged and be where they’re supposed to be. Which is behind bars,” Cunningham said.

It’s still unclear whether the attack was random or targeted, but the couple said they didn’t know the attackers.

Anyone with any information is urged to to contact Spotsylvania Crime Solvers at 800-928-5822 or 540-582-5822.

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[Feature Photo: Pixabay]