‘Well, you just saved someone’: Teacher jumps on rogue pit bull during attack on young kids, cops say

Authorities in Oklahoma say a teacher leaped to action when a vicious pit bull entered an elementary school earlier this month.

According to the Miami Herald, authorities arrived at Fillmore Elementary School in Oklahoma City on November 17 in response to reports of a dog attack at the location.

Upon arrival, officers determined that the animal had probably entered the property through an open gate and made its way to the playground while third- and fourth-grade students were playing during recess.

The attack began at that time, according to reports, and the pit bull then entered the school hallway until a special education teacher identified as Lee Hughes held the animal down until police arrived.

Sgt. Jesse McRay, who was able to take control of the dog, can be heard in body camera footage released this week asking Hughes if he is a teacher.

“Well, you just saved someone,” the officer told him.

The district’s security director indicated the dog is believed to have roamed away from a home in a nearby residential area.

Principal Susan Martin Rachels offered praise for Hughes’ actions, calling him “our hero” in a news conference following the disturbance.

Five children sustained minor injuries in the ordeal and were transported to an area hospital for treatment. The parents of seven other students reportedly opted to seek medical care as a precautionary measure.

As of the latest reports available, the animal was still in the custody of Oklahoma City Animal Welfare. Reports indicate it would still be at that location until Thursday as officials attempted to find its owners.

An ongoing investigation will determine the animal’s ultimate fate.

[Featured image: video screenshot]