Man walks into high school gym with son, pushes woman off bleachers and punches student in the head: Cops

Authorities in Tennessee say a man walked into a high school gym after classes had dismissed and assaulted two individuals during an incident last month.

According to WZTV, the victims were identified as a student and an adult woman.

The suspect, Michael McMillan is accused of accompanying his son onto the property of Craigmont High School in Memphis on October 26.

Police say they entered the gym and McMillan asked the boy to “point him out,” apparently referring to the younger target of the alleged assault.

A woman at the location reportedly attempted to stop the suspect from attacking the juvenile. According to police reports, McMillan pushed his way past her and went into the bleachers where the boy identified by his son was seated.

After allegedly knocking the woman from the bleachers, investigators say he hit the boy twice in the head, as reported by WHBQ.

Following the incident, both the woman and student involved have pressed criminal charges against the suspect.

According to reports, McMillan was arrested and is expected to face two criminal counts of simple assault.

[Featured image: Michael McMillan, Shelby County Sheriff’s Office]