Wednesday Crime Stories: Was America’s Top 40 star Casey Kasem MURDERED? Wife and children say YES

More than four years after Casey Kasem died at 82, his widow and oldest children are still accusing each other of killing the iconic radio DJ. Jean Kasem convinced a Washington State police chief — in the town where Kasem died in a hospital in June 2014 — to open a homicide investigation targeting her stepchildren. She believes the daughters should be charged with murder for the decision to have doctors cut off their father’s nutrition hastened his death.

The daughters point the finger at their stepmother, accusing her of abusing Kasem by taking him out of a Los Angeles care facility on a multi-state journey, which she claims was to protect him from his adult children.

Jean Kasem talks about her decisions and claims with Nancy Grace, along with a panel of experts including Los Angeles psycho analyst Dr Bethany Marshall, Los Angeles defense lawyer Troy Slaten — who is a friend of the Kasem daughters, forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan — author of “Blood Beneath My Feet,” North Carolina family and divorce lawyer Kathleen Murphy, and Crime Stories producer/reporter Alan Duke.

Casey Kasem killed? Police open investigation into popular radio host’s 2014 death following family accusations

Grace also updates the case of missing North Carolina teen Hania Aguilar. The FBI believes a body found about 10 miles from the home where she was kidnapped could be the 13-year-old, but we are awaiting positive identification by a medical examiner.

BREAKING: Police find body while searching for missing 13-year-old girl, Hania Aguilar [Report]

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[Feature Photo: Casey Kasem via AP/Eric Jamison, File]