Men lure former roommate into fatal stabbing as revenge for stolen PlayStation: Cops

Authorities in Florida say two men fatally stabbed a former roommate in response to their belief that he stole a video gaming console from the home.

According to Fox News, 22-year-old Jake Bilotta and 21-year-old Ian McClurg invited the victim to a residence in Maitland on Monday, ostensibly as an invitation to a party.

Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma said the suspects are accused of using a 7-inch chef’s knife to inflict the fatal injuries.

He called it “the most bizarre and disgraceful act” imaginable.

“They lured him back there for revenge,” Lemma said.

As of the latest reports available, the alleged victim had not been named publicly, but police believe he was kicked out of the home he shared with the suspects a few weeks ago.

Following his eviction, Bilotta and McClurg reportedly believed the man returned to burglarize the residence, stealing a PlayStation 4 in the process.

The pair’s new roommate, identified as Walter Johnson, allegedly returned home to find the men stuffing the victim’s body in a bag. He contacted police to report the incident.

When authorities arrived at the location, they reportedly found McClurg holed up in a bathroom as his alleged accomplice ran away from the scene.

Both men have been arrested and are expected to face criminal charges including first-degree murder.

A neighbor, Zia Sanchez, spoke to WOFL about the incident, calling the crime “stupid” and insisting the suspects “deserve as much time as they give them.”

[Featured image: Jake Bilotta and Ian McClurg, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office]