SEE Killer Dad Chris Watts disturbing confession to murdering pregnant wife, burying little girls in oil field [VIDEO]

The Weld County District Attorney’s Office has released videotape of Chris Watts confessing to murdering his pregnant wife, Shanann Watts.

Watts told police following his arrest in mid-August that he had killed his wife Shanann in a rage after seeing her strangling their daughter Celeste, 3, via a baby monitor, while 4-year-old Bella lay limp in her bed.

In a video obtained by the Denver Channel, Watts can be heard and seen speaking to investigators in a squad room. At the beginning of the full video of his confession, a detective tells Watts that it was clear he he had lied during the polygraph test previously given to him, telling him “I think you already know that … you were not honest during polygraph testing.”

The hours of video footage released show conversations Watts had with investigators as well as a conversation he had with his father, Ronnie Watts — the first time he admits to being responsible for Shanann’s death.

When his father asks Chris, “What happened?,” Chris replies: “She hurt them … and I freaked out and I hurt her.”

Later, Chris confesses to investigators that he had murdered his wife, claiming he had retaliated because she had killed their daughters.

“I was shaking. Both of my kids were blue and they were gone.”

After detectives ask Chris to tell them where the bodies were, Chris tells them: “They’re gone. There’s no bringing them back.”

Eventually, Chris did reveal to investigators that he had buried his wife and two daughters at an oil site owned by his employer. In a video obtained by the Denver Channel, Watts describes putting the bodies of 4-year-old Bella and 3-year-old Celeste into an oil tank.

Watch the full video of Chris Watts’s confession below: