Homeowner fatally shoots escaped inmate when he kicks in her door hours after beating up jail guards: Reports

Authorities in South Carolina say a man who had recently escaped from jail was fatally shot in the head by a woman inside the home he invaded.

According to Fox News, 30-year-old Bruce McLaughlin Jr. physically assaulted a guard at a Pickens County correctional facility this week and was able to make it out of the jail along with another inmate.

Just hours later, he is accused of kicking in the door of a home and grabbing a sharp object before heading to a bedroom.

Sheriff Rick Clark applauded the resident’s actions as she was inside the home by herself early Tuesday morning.

“This was a big guy,” he said of McLaughlin. “If she hadn’t had a weapon there’s no telling what would have happened.”

Clark said he gave the resident “a big hug” and “told her how proud [he] was of her.”

McLaughlin was serving time on pending charges of first-degree burglary and grand larceny.

Local authorities say inmate Timothy Dill also participated in the jail break and the assault on guards. After grabbing their keys, the pair reportedly locked guards in a room until inmates were able to free them.

Dill is facing charges including first-degree assault and two kidnapping charges related to the escape. He had initially been serving time as he awaited trial on one count of criminal sexual conduct with a minor.

Others serving time in the jail reportedly also pitched in to assist guards against the pair’s attack.

The guards did not report serious injuries, but showed bruising and one reportedly sustained a back injury.

[Featured image: Bruce McLaughlin Jr., Pickens County Sheriff’s Office]