Neurologist drugs woman on date, slips powder in her drink while she is in restroom: Cops

Authorities in Florida say a 50-year-old neurologist is facing criminal charges related to the alleged drugging of a woman earlier this year.

According to ABC News, Mircea Morariu was arrested this week — nearly three months after police say he used a mixture of two prescriptions drugs in an effort to incapacitate the victim during a date.

Police first learned of the alleged incident when a customer reported witnessing the suspect put a powdery substance in the victim’s drink while she was at the restroom.

The witness reportedly told authorities that Morariu pushed the tainted cocktail toward his date after she returned to their table at the Ouzo Bay restaurant in Boca Raton on September 10.

Investigators say they believe the mixture used to drug the woman consisted of Xanex and Ambien.

Officers arrived at the restaurant and confronted Morariu as he came out of the restroom. Upon an initial investigation, police say they found residue matching the two drugs inside the woman’s cocktail glass as well as in a bag that had been thrown in the restroom trash can.

The alleged victim told police she had known the suspect for decades and agreed to meet at the restaurant to catch up with him.

An affidavit filed in connection to the investigation states that when the woman “returned from the restroom, she stated that Morariu was pushing her drink towards her and that he had moved her water glass away.”

Morariu reportedly denied the allegations against him and stonewalled investigators attempting to interview him about the claims.

The alleged victim was transported to an area hospital for observation.

Morariu is expected to face criminal charges including poisoning food or water with the intent to kill or injure.

[Featured image: Mircea Morariu, Palm Beach County Jail]