Wednesday Crime Stories: OUTRAGE! Woman fined just $25 for leaving tot to bake dead in sweltering SUV

When Brittany Borgess, 30, drove to work one morning in 2016, she forgot about the 4-year-old girl who was strapped into a child seat in her car. Samaria Motyka, the daughter of her boyfriend, died a terrible death that day from the intense heat that built up over six hours inside the parked car. Borgess was tried and found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Her only legal punishment was a $25 fine for a lesser offense.

Nancy Grace talks with the Pennsylvania woman’s father, Vic Borgess, who insists his daughter is being unfairly portrayed and attacked on social media. Nancy’s experts include human behavior expert Susan Constantine, private investigator Vincent Hill — author of “Playbook to a Murder,” Atlanta lawyer and juvenile judge Ashley Willcott, and reporter Leigh Egan.

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Dad’s girlfriend who left little girl inside hot car is acquitted on most charges & given $25 fine, community outrage intensifies [Exclusive]

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[Feature Photo: Samaria Motyka/Family Handout]