Man fills out job application at department store, shoplifts on his way out: Cops

Authorities in Florida say the security staff at a Kohl’s department store didn’t have to look far to find the identity of a suspected shoplifter.

According to WSVN, Dominick Breedlove is accused of entering the Spring Hill business in an attempt to get a job.

After he filled out an application and talked to a human resources staff member, however, police say he hatched an ill-advised plan to get something else out of the visit. It started with a visit to the shoe department to find a pair of sneakers without a security tag attached, police say.

As the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office reported, Breedlove is believed to have exited the store only to return a short time later with a Kohl’s bag from a previous purchase.

Once inside, he allegedly headed for the shoes and found the pair he wanted. Loss prevention staff at the store indicates he was spotted standing in line at the customer service desk in an apparent attempt to get a refund on shoes he didn’t purchase.

Upon being dissuaded by a long line, security told police that he went back to the shoe section and picked up a second pair of shoes before exiting the store again.

Sheriff’s reports alleged that deputies were called to the scene and took Breedlove into custody in the Kohl’s parking lot, where he was found with two pairs of shoes valued at a combined $150.

The agency further reported that the suspect’s job application was declined.

[Featured image: Dominick Breedlove, Hernando County Sheriff’s Office]