Janitor poses as doctor, opens office and starts taking patients: Cops

Authorities in Wisconsin say individuals received what they believed to be expert medical advice and treatment from a man now facing criminal charges of posing as a doctor.

According to the New York Post, 32-year-old Kyle Grant Larsen is accused of purchasing medical equipment in private sales including listings on Craigslist.

He has reportedly worked as a licensed practical nurse prior to his termination and charges related to theft.

Reports indicate he had since taken a job as a janitor and Outgamie County District Attorney Melinda Tempelis alleges he began taking patients at an office at the Medical Psychology of Wisconsin building in Appleton under the false name of Dr. Kyle Ellis.

In total, investigators believe he saw at least four patients with issues ranging from depression to schizophrenia.

“He treated a number of different patients, according to the allegations in the criminal complaint, incliding giving someone what was reportedly a flu shot but unknown what was ultimately injected,” she said. “Some of these people had taken all of the medication so there’s nothing left, thereby potentially endangering their safety.”

A criminal complaint cites one woman who claims Larsen persuaded her to pick up a prescription for Ritalin after her initial objection. She said she took 11 pills in the following days until her psychologist instructed her at a subsequent appointment to quit taking them.

Police reports describe other alleged victims, including a man who said he took all of the medicine he believed to be amoxicillin the suspect gave him after a tick bite.

A third individual was identified as a woman who allegedly received what Larsen said was a flu shot as well as a red substance police believe was an over-the-counter medication.

Finally, investigators believe a woman spend around $1,000 for a series of visits over the course of two months.

After his arrest he was placed behind bars, where he remained as of the latest reports available with a cash bond set at $200,000, according to WBAY.

Larsen is expected to face felony criminal counts of practicing medicine or surgery without a license.

[Featured image: Kyle Grant Larsen, Outagamie County Jail]