[UPDATE] Ex-coach says ‘it’s possible’ he exposed himself to teen and woman because he drives with pants unbuttoned

A former high school soccer coach in Connecticut who was arrested on suspicion of flashing a teen in Fairfield and a woman in Norwalk now claims the incidents might have been a simple misunderstanding.

As CrimeOnline previously reported, 29-year-old David Sharpe was arrested earlier this month after allegedly flashing a teen girl in October.

Authorities also suspect him of similarly exposing his genitals to a 20-year-old woman the previous month. As of the latest reports available, however, he had not been charged in connection with that incident.

Sharpe has since resigned from his position as a coach at an area high school.

According to the CT Post, a police statement indicates the suspect attempted to blame the incidents on his recent weight gain.

“I’m heavier than I should be right now,” he reportedly told officers. “I do drive with my jeans unbuttoned because my pants don’t fit me.”

Police say he used this excuse as a potential explanation for the alleged criminal behavior.

“It’s entirely possible I was driving in those areas with my pants unbuttoned,” he said, according to reports. “Could I have been exposed? It’s a big possible. Sure all of it’s possible.”

Investigators, however, cite the alleged victim’s statement, which indicates she saw much more than a man’s unbuttoned pants.

The juvenile told police that she walked past the suspect’s vehicle and saw him masturbating. Sharpe allegedly looked at the teen girl as he continued to fondle himself.

She allegedly reported the incident at that time to her mother, who in turn contacted police.

Officers did not immediately track down the suspect’s Ford Mustang at the scene. On a later date, an alert officer spotted Sharpe’s car and recorded its license plate number, resulting in the his arrest.

[Featured image: David Sharpe, Fairfield Police Department]