Suspected burglar gets stuck for TWO DAYS in grease vent of vacant restaurant: Cops

Emergency personnel responded to a vacant restaurant in California this week to rescue a man trapped inside the grease vent.

According to KGO, the owner of a nearby business reported hearing calls for assistance from inside the San Lorenzo Chinese food establishment.

Igor Campus reported “hearing this ‘ah, ah'” on Wednesday morning before heading to the restaurant to investigate.

“I kept asking questions like, ‘What’s your name?'” Campos recalled. “And he said, ‘Just please help me … please don’t hurt me.'”

After reassuring the man that he was there to help, Campos contacted first responders, who reported to the scene a short time later.

“When our crews got here, they found him stuck above the stove area here,” said Alameda County Fire Department Battalion Chief John Whiting.

In response, firefighters reportedly took the vent apart, he said, adding that they “had to remove a lot of this sheet metal in order to gain access to him in order to bring him down into the kitchen.”

After he was freed, the man was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

A statement from the county sheriff’s office indicated the suspected burglar had been stuck for about two days.

“We know sometimes suspects try to break into businesses to steal copper wire and plumbing and recycling for money,” said Sgt. Ray Kelly.

The 29-year-old male was not identified in available reports, but authorities said he was taken into custody and is expected to face unspecified criminal charges.

[Featured images: Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, video screenshot]