‘I can’t do this alone’: Texts show an increasingly distraught Shanann Watts worried about having a third baby as killer husband turns cold on her

In the days preceding her murder, Colorado mom Shanann Watts was increasingly worried about raising her growing family as a single mother, text messages to her friends show.

Shanann Watts was 15 weeks pregnant with her third child, a boy, when Chris Watts murdered her and their young daughters Bella and Celeste on August 13. Text messages Shanann exchanged with her husband and her friends over the summer, released by the Weld County District Attorneys office, show that her marriage was unraveling, but that Shanann didn’t understand what led to her husband’s sudden coldness and distance.

As the investigation would later reveal, Chris Watts was having an affair with Nichol Kessinger, a woman he met at work, and appeared to be far more attentive to her than he was to his wife, as Shanann struggled with exhaustion and illness while visiting her family in North Carolina for several weeks over the summer.

Text messages she sent to a friend, obtained by KDVR, show that she was worried about having another baby given the circumstances of her marriage — and apparently, the fact that Chris Watts told her he was happy with just the two girls.

“Chris doesn’t want this baby,” Shanann wrote in a text message exchange. “Said he’s scared to death and he’s happy with just Bella and Celeste! He thought he wanted another baby. How I got this out of him I said do you want me to abort?”

“I can’t do this alone with three kids,” she wrote in another series of messages. “I’m not happy.”

In November, Watts pleaded guilty to murdering his family and is now serving multiple life sentences without the possibility of parole.