‘That was me freaking out’: New audio of Nichol Kessinger police interview details late night of phone calls, FaceTime with Chris Watts hours after Shanann, daughters went missing [EXCLUSIVE]

The woman who was involved in an affair with Chris Watts contacted investigator following a formal interview to follow up on some of their questions, and provided more detail about the conversations she had with Watts the day his pregnant wife Shanann and young daughter Bella and Celeste disappeared– before Watts was arrested for murdering his family.

A CrimeOnline previously reported, Nichol Kessinger spoke to investigators on August 15 and on August 16, after approaching them to disclose her affair with Watts. In both interviews, she said that no one in her life knew about her relationship with Watts, but contacted them again the next day to clarify that she had discussed Watts with one friend.

The below audio, provided to CrimeOnline by the Weld County District Attorney’s Office, is a recording of that follow-up conversation. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation agent who called Kessinger that day said in the recording that he was responding to a text message he received from Kessinger at about 2 a.m. that morning.

During the phone conversation, Kessinger made reference to an apparent previous discussion she had with the agent about text messages that reportedly mentioned E-Harmony, an online matchmaking site. By this time, Kessinger had given investigators her phone and consented to a search of its contents.

Kessinger told the agent that when she went to look for text messages about E-Harmony, she realized that she had discussed Chris Watts with her friend Charlotte, but said it was unlikely that Charlotte made the connection between that discussion and the news about the missing woman and her children.

Kessinger told the agent that she had a brief FaceTime session with Watts late on the night of August 13, and that she noticed he was lying on a bed without sheets. When she asked him about the missing sheets, Watts reportedly told her that he had washed them. She said that he also mentioned having to wash the sheets from his daughters’ beds, because they “smelled.” Kessinger told the agent she thought this was strange, because Chris kept an immaculately clean home.

“It’s like the cleanest house I’ve ever seen,” Kessinger said.

The CBI agent, apparently working from a log of voice calls made to and from Kessinger’s phone that Monday night, asks questions about the nature of the phone calls and the gaps of time between them, referencing numerous phone calls of varying length that continued past 2 a.m. on Tuesday morning. Kessinger told the CBI agent that she and Watts exchanged text messages when they weren’t talking on the phone.

“All those phone calls at the very end of the night, that was me freaking out,” Kessinger said. “If you look at my texts, a lot of that was like, ‘I can’t sleep, I’m really scared, where’s your family’ … that was me freaking out and him calling me to reassure me or me calling him: ‘Please talk to me, I’m super scared, where’s your family.'”

Later in the phone interview, Kessinger asks for advice about how to handle her work situation and what she said she feared was negative attention from the media. Kessinger said she was worried about losing her job, and though the CBI agent attempted to reassure her, Kessinger’s contract with Anadarko Petroleum, where she met Watts, was later terminated.

“I don’t think the media is going to portray a nice picture of me,” Kessinger said.