[UPDATE] Police say they believe missing mom Kelsey Berreth could still be alive weeks after she disappeared

Authorities in Colorado are acting on the hope that a woman missing since Thanksgiving Day is still alive.

That revelation came in a statement from Woodland Park Police Chief Miles De Young in which he provided an update on the search for 29-year-old Kelsey Berreth.

As CrimeOnline has previously reported, investigators recently executed a search warrant at property owned by the missing woman’s fiance, Patrick Frazee.

As of the latest updates available, he had not been arrested nor had police identified him as a person of interest in the woman’s disappearance.

De Young said law enforcement is staging a search in the hopes of finding her alive, according to KKTV.

“Do I think Kelsey is alive?” he asked. “That is absolutely a possibility and that is our hope.”

Since launching an investigation about two weeks ago, he said authorities have been looking into “every possibility” that might have led to her disappearance.

Frazee has told police he last saw Berreth on the day she vanished when he left their daughter with her.

In his statement this week, the police chief addressed concerns that it took so long for authorities to search his home.

“There are a number of other things that we have done up to this point that have led to us to be able to search the residence at this point,” De Young said.

Attorney Jeremy Loew, who is representing Frazee, said his client was not asked to participate in the search on Friday. As of the news conference by authorities on Friday, he had not participated in a direct interview with investigators.

The lawyer said Frazee has turned over his cellphone and provided a DNA sample in an effort to clear his name. Loew added that his client is in favor of police taking “whatever steps” they need to in order to find the missing woman.

“Mr. Frazee will continue not to participate in any interviews with the media and instead focus on parenting the child he shares with Ms. Berreth,” Loew said.

Police have shared surveillance video from a Safeway in Woodland Park that is her last known whereabouts. Authorities say her employer received a text message from her number a few days after her disappearance, which revealed that she would not be reporting to work that week.

On the same day, police say her cellphone registered in an Idaho city roughly 800 miles from the city where she vanished.

De Young further announced a cash reward is being offered for information leading to Berreth’s recovery. He did not reveal the amount but encouraged locals interested in adding to the sum to do so via a Wells Fargo bank branch located inside the same Safeway Berreth was last seen.

Authorities encourage anyone with information about Berreth’s whereabouts to call the Woodland Park Police Department at 719-687-9262.

[Featured image: Kelsey Berreth, handout]