Man breaks into his own father’s home, attacks him with kitchen knife: Cops

Authorities in Oregon say a man is facing criminal charges after he was arrested on suspicion of stabbing his feather multiple times during a domestic dispute.

According to KPIC, authorities were called to a residence near the intersection of 28th Street and Centennial Boulevard in Springfield on Friday in response to a reported disturbance.

Upon their arrival, police reportedly found 31-year-old Aaron James Montoya detained by a female. Reports identified her as the suspect’s sister and the victim as his father.

The 52-year-old sustained injuries to his head and hand during the altercation, according to police. He was reportedly also able to help knock Montoya to the ground and stop the attack.

Investigators believe the victim arrived home with his wife and daughter and discovered a glass door had been broken.

The family members stood outside, initially believing an intruder was lurking inside. At some point, the suspect allegedly ran out with a kitchen knife in his hand.

At that point, the father reportedly attempted to barricade himself against his son by standing behind a parked car, but the younger man was reportedly able to inflict multiple injuries.

A witness joined in to hold Montoya down until police arrived, according to reports. Police said the woman warned officers that he still had a knife in his possession.

Police say a responding officer was able to disarm the suspect and place him under arrest. He was booked into Lane County Jail and is expected to face criminal charges including burglary, assault, disorderly conduct and unlawful use of a weapon.

[Featured image: Aaron James Montoya, Lane County Jail]